LIVE Recording Released - Dec 1, 2014

We are excited to announce the release of our new LIVE Worship Recording. It’s now available on our website for sale in both digital download and physical CD formats.

The recording was taken from a night of worship we presented on July 23rd, 2014 at Resurrection Fellowship in Loveland, CO. We had a full house of passionate worshiping friends and an amazing worship team we called the Friends & Family Band!  

The Friends & Family Band included Dave Beegle, playing electric guitar and also functioning as the primary producer for this project. So it's all been on Dave to make this thing awesome and he did a great job! Other highly skilled and anointed friends include: Taylor Mesple' (Keyboards), Matt Henderson (Drums), Shauna Chanda (vocals), Joe Richmond (front of house audio), Jonathan Wood (Keys/Loops), and Jay Stocker (pre/post production keyboard stuff). Other important "friends" were all those who partnered with us as Ministry Partners and/or on our Kickstarter Team!

The Fam portion includes my wife/best friend Susanne (vocals), daughter Morgan Lucas (vocals), daughter in law Debbie (vocals), son Thomas (electric guitar), and son Tucker (bass guitar). Their fingerprints are all over this project. From the planning, to the songwriting, to the performing and ministry this was truly a family and friends effort!

The four months since the LIVE recording have been spent editing, fixing, overdubbing and adding a few extra musical elements. Some of the extra's included super cool parts on "Dance With Me" by Christian Teele (percussion) and Leonard Jones (fiddle). 

And now we are humbled to offer it to you! May God be LIVE and PRESENT in your hearts as you listen and worship with us!

Tom, Susanne with our Family and Friends!

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