Three things come immediately to mind about Tom Ewing: the strength of his anointing to lead worship flows from the reality of a heart pursuit of Jesus Christ; he carries a mandate to launch younger worship leaders, musicians, and singers into the fullness of their divine destiny; his pastoral gifting and genuine care for people enables him to help others navigate every challenge their journey might present. I commend Tom and Susanne to you without reservation. 

- Bob Sorge, Author,

"Tom Ewing is more than just a great worship leader. He is a friend, mentor and ally who calls out the best of many pastors and worship leaders in Colorado and beyond. He and his wife Susanne are truly a gift to the Body of Christ!"

- Jonathan Wiggins, Lead Pastor, Resurrection Fellowship

Tom Ewing has invested 24 years in local church worship ministry, and I don't know of anyone who has more insight into the heart of creative artists and leadership. Tom is a man of talent, integrity, and anointing. It has been my pleasure to partner with him on several occasions and every time I'm with him he makes me want to love Jesus more. 

- Ross Parsley, Lead Pastor, One Chapel, Austin, TX (Former Worship Pastor/Senior Associate Pastor, New Life Church, CO Springs, CO)

What an incredible blessing Tom Ewing has been to me and to our church. Not only is he a gifted, anointed worship leader. He has helped breathe life into our worship ministry through his wisdom, his insights, his mentoring of young leaders, as well as his networking. I thank God for Tom's life and ministry!

- Alan Kraft, Lead Pastor, Christ Community Church, Author "Good News For Those Trying Harder"

“Tom is an upbeat, high quality leader. He’s very gifted at helping people engage in meaningful worship. Tom is incredibly versatile and can lead worship in any environment. He is also a champion in cultivating unity among pastors and churches in our state. Very rare!” 

- Dary Northrup, Lead Pastor, Timberline Church

Tom, I can't tell you how much yours and Susanne's friendship and ministry has meant to myself and my family. Ever since we first experienced one of your worship services and felt the Holy Spirit, I have been moved in ways I never thought possible. I will never forget falling to my knees at the Men's Advance during your worship and how it changed me as a man and a follower of Jesus Christ. I know your new ministry will be a blessing to many and I look forward to working with you both. May God Bless your ministry.

- Charlie Monfort, Owner, Colorado Rockies