2016 Ministry Report / Tom Ewing Ministries, Inc

2016 proved to be another fruitful year of ministry with opportunities to serve a wide variety of leaders, churches, denominations, and other ministries/agencies. We’re grateful and humbled by the unique assignments God entrusts to us. We continue to operate as a Non-profit Ministry Organization based out of our home office in Windsor, CO, our ordination is held with Jubilee Fellowship Church/Highlands Ranch. Below is a look at last year’s ministry activity and a peek into what the Lord has for us in 2017.

Extended Church Assignments

The first half of the year we helped Smoky Hill Vineyard/Centennial navigate through a worship leadership transition. That assignment included organizational and team building assistance, and leading worship once a month. Tom also led worship monthly at Rez Church/Loveland through June. Foundations Church/Loveland contracted Tom for the year to mentor their new worship pastor and lead worship once a month.

Abiding Retreats

In 2016 we responded to a strong urgency from the Lord to lead spiritual renewal Abiding Retreats for couples within our personal and ministry network. The Abiding Retreat material was developed by Rich Case who is a business and spiritual mentor to many high level Christian CEO's and Executives. For the past nine years Rich and his wife Linda, have also had a powerful mentoring influence in our lives as we have assisted them with retreats in various parts of the USA, Canada, and Europe. The Abiding Retreat offers tremendous insight and encouragement to any believer, especially those in leadership roles. We led three retreats ourselves in 2016 - for groups of creative couples in Nashville and Breckenridge, and for a gathering of CEO couples in Glenwood Springs. We also helped Rich and Linda with retreats in Rhode Island, Quebec, and New Hampshire.

We have five Abiding Retreats scheduled so far for 2017, with plans to schedule more. The material could also make for an amazing church staff/team retreat. We’d love for you to come to one of our retreats, and/or consider having us serve one of your leadership retreats. Visit www.tomewing.net/blog/ and scroll down to "Abiding Retreats"for general retreat info.

ONE Conference

In September, we again had the privilege to event manage and lead worship for the regional Foursquare Denomination bi-yearly Pastors Conference (400+ pastors). This major undertaking was on the shoulders of our daughter, Morgan Lucas, who serves as an administrative assistant to our ministry. She oversaw all design and development, contracting sound and media support, and was the liaison between the denomination’s leadership, the conference center staff, and our team. We put together an incredible worship band and enjoyed some wonderful moments in Gods presence. Twelve months of creating and planning culminated in an impactful three-day event for these Kingdom leaders.

Other 2016 Ministry Highlights

Other awesome ministry endeavors this year included:

- Directing a Worship Workshop Weekend, Harvest Church/Laramie, WY

- Teaching at the Mt Church Worship Conference/McLeod, MT

- Consulting and mentoring opportunities with several pastors, worship leaders

  and worship teams

- Worship Leading:

            - Genesis Project/Ft Collins, CO

            - Woodmen Valley/Co Spgs, CO

            - w/Shepherds View Band/St Pete, FL

            - 1st Pres Church/Tampa, FL

            - College Heights Baptist/Casper, WY

            - Camp Mt Glory/Larkspur, CO

            - Centerpoint Church/Erie, CO

            - Greenwood Community Church/Greenwood Village, CO

            - WoodsieStock Music Festival/Holderness, NH

            - Foundry Church/Castle Pines, CO

            - LifeBridge Church/Longmont, CO

            - His Mansion Ministries/Hillsborough, NH

Encounter Worship Book

Tom has been working intermittently on his first book, Encounter Worship. He finished the rough draft in July and is working his way through first edit as we have openings in our schedule. He hopes to finish the book in 2017 and create an on-line Encounter Worship course for worship pastors and church service planners.

2017 Peru Missions Trip

We are excited to be hosting a Missions Trip in partnership with Studio Be Salon/Ft Collins to the nation of Peru. We’ll be working with The Lost Children of Peru – https://lostchildren.org - a ministry founded by former Ft Collins businessman, Larry Goode. Larry’s organization serves several impoverished communities in Peru and provides supplemental assistance to state run orphanages. Our work will primarily take place in the communities of Comas and Cusco. Our service will include feeding the poor, spending time with orphans and giving them haircuts, and assisting and blessing single mothers.

Prayers and Partnership

Thank you for your prayers as we enter another year of ministry. It’s important to us that we offer our time and gifts according to how God directs. We also invite you to ask the Lord if He would have you partner with us this year in a financial way. We are hoping to increase our monthly partnership-giving base to support the added costs of hosting Abiding Retreats. We are also looking to raise $4000 to supplement our Peru Missions Trip expenses. To make a one-time donation or join us as a monthly giving partner visit: http://www.tomewing.net/donate/.

Thank you for believing in us and loving us – your partnership and encouragement fuels our faith to serve Him all the more!

Grace To You!

Tom and Susanne Ewing

Tom Ewing Ministries, Inc

2017 Abiding Retreats

We would like to offer you a chance to get away as couples and be refreshed and refocused in God. The first half of 2017 we have Abiding Retreats planned for Jan 23-25, Feb 10-12, Feb 14-16, May 5-7, and May 8-10 at The Autumn Creek Chalet - autumncreek.co. Autumn Creek is a luxurious retreat home tucked into the mountainside of Breckenridge, Colorado. The home is situated on 11 acres of riverfront land backing to National Forest.

The Abiding Retreat is built on the truths revealed in John 15 - Jesus is the Vine, The Father is the Vinedresser, and we are the Branches.  Moving through scripture, we will discover God’s intended plan for intimate relationship with Him personally, how to walk in unity as husband and wife, and His desire to produce supernatural fruit in every facet of our lives (marriage, family, business, ministry, etc). Each person will need to bring a cross reference Bible. A workbook and journal will be provided. The material is covered in a super casual, interactive way, and there is intentional down time to relax and enjoy each other as couples. 

Retreat Schedule:

Day 1

            - 5:30pm - Dinner at The Autumn Creek Chalet, Breckenridge, CO

            - 7:00pm - Worship/Session 1

Day 2

            - 8:00am - Breakfast

            - 9:00am - Worship/Session 2

            - 12:00pm – Lunch

            - 1:00pm - Free Time w Spouses

            - 6:00pm – Dinner and Hang Out Together         

Day 3

            - 8:00am - Breakfast

            - 9:00am - Worship/Session 3/Communion

            - Noon - Lunch and Retreats Ends

There is no required fee to attend one of our retreats. However, we do appreciate any donations to help subsidize these retreats and assist our other ministry efforts. As a point of reference, our retreat costs average $400 per couple for lodging, all meals and materials.  Our ministry will cover retreat expenses above any donations received. 

There are only a limited amount of spots available - 5 couples per retreat. Let us know soon if you have interest or further questions. Hope you can join us! 

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Tom and Susanne Ewing

Abiding In The Vine

I am the true vine, and my Father is the vinedresser. Every branch in me that does not bear fruit he takes away, and every branch that does bear fruit he prunes, that it may bear more fruit… Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit by itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in me. I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing.” John 15:1-5

Jesus gives us a very simple but profound picture of how our relationship with God should work. Jesus explains that He is the Vine, the Father is the Vinedresser, and we, all believers, are the branches.

The Vine draws nutrition from the soil. The nutrients become sap, giving life to the Vine. The sap represents the Holy Spirit in this analogy. The Vine itself is completely dependent on the Vinedresser. The Vinedresser initially chose where in the ground to plant the Vine. The Vinedresser cares daily for the health and well being of the Vine.

We are the branches. As branches, we are also totally reliant upon the tending of the Vinedresser. The Vinedresser diligently prunes and supports the branches. He chooses foreign branches to be grafted into the Vine. He protects both the Vine and branches from harsh elements and dangerous predators. Fruit is the goal of the Vinedresser - maximum fruit production. It’s important to note that the Vinedresser is the producer of fruit, the Branch, is the bearer.

Just so we are clear on our role - the branch has a three-part job description:

   1) Stay connected to the Vine - Abide

   2) Cooperate with the Vinedresser - Obey

   3) Bear whatever fruit grows as a result – Give it away!

That would be a good life mantra - Abide, obey, and give it away! Jesus emphasizes the necessity of abiding by saying, “apart from Me, you can do nothing.” As a vine is to it’s branches, Jesus is to us. He is our ONLY connection to life itself.

So here’s an important question for us any of us in leadership capacities: Does anything change in this analogy when we become people in charge of people? Pastors, Mothers and Fathers, Community Heads, Club Captains, Teachers, CEO’s, etc…? Does our role ever shift into becoming at least Assistant Vinedressers? Do we take on dual identities and/or responsibilities? The answer is a resounding, NO!

When we assume authority roles and responsibilities in life, and in the Kingdom, we do so as branches. I wish I had learned this earlier in my ministry career. Have you ever felt pressured to produce fruit in the lives of others? In your congregation members, children, friends, or employees? Sometimes we put that expectation on ourselves. Other times, it’s imposed on us. However, the truth is, we are His workmanship, and so are the people we lead and serve (Ephesians 2:10). What a relief! It’s not our responsibility to fix the people we lead!

The Father is “always” the Vinedresser. It’s His job to do whatever is necessary to produce fruit in our lives. It’s our job to stay connected to Jesus and co-operate with the Vinedresser. As leaders, we serve our people the best when we help them connect to Jesus and learn to listen to and cooperate with the Vinedresser. Jesus goes on to say that the act of abiding involves abiding in His words.

“…if you abide in me and my words abide in you, ask what you wish, and it will be done for you.” John15:7

Giving attention to what God has said, and is saying to us, is an essential element of abiding. To abide requires giving attention to what He is saying. This brings us into the aspect of conversation - ongoing conversation with God, which helps us to remain in Him, and He in us. Dialoging with God and responding according to His directives. And trusting Him, the Vinedresser, to manage the tending, pruning, and fruit production operations – “working in us to will and to do of His good pleasure” (Phil 2:19).

Our role as Branches is to abide, obey, and give it away! And again, let me emphasize. We serve people best when we help them abide in the Vine, and learn to hear and respond to the voice of the Vinedresser.

2015 Ministry Report

2015 proved to be another full and fruitful year of ministry. Serving a wide variety of leaders, churches, denominations, and other ministries/agencies, we’re humbled by the unique assignments and opportunities God entrusts to us. We continue to operate as a Non-profit Ministry Organization based out of our home office in Windsor, CO. Our ordination is held with Jubilee Fellowship Church. Below is a look at last year’s ministry activity and a peak into what the Lord has for us in 2016.

Interim Worship Assignments

Over the past several years we’ve had dozens of opportunities to provide interim worship assistance to churches going through times of transition. This continues to be an important way God has chosen to use us and consumed much of our 2015 ministry schedule.

Beginning in Jan of 2014, we served Woodmen Valley Chapel, Co Springs, CO, as a part of an interim team, while the church faced senior pastor and worship pastor leadership changes. Tom led worship at Woodmen at least one weekend a month and spent a couple of days each month in the Woodmen Worship Arts office offering support and encouragement. New senior pastor, Josh Lindstrom was installed in the fall of 2014 and Brian Whitman became the new Worship Pastor in May of 2015. Tom’s contracted role ended in August but he still leads worship there occasionally.

From Jan to Oct, Tom served as Interim Worship Pastor at Greenwood Community Church, Greenwood Village, CO. This assignment involved: oversight of the worship team, planning weekend worship, leading worship two weekends per month, scheduling supplemental worship leaders, and some involvement in the hiring process of a new worship pastor.  It was an honor for us to be a part of this important time in Greenwood’s history, as Doug Brown had just assumed the Senior Pastor role from Founding Pastor, Tom Melton. Tyler Thompson was hired as the new Worship Pastor in Oct and the church is poised for a wonderful new season.

Speaking Engagements

Tom had some meaningful opportunities this year to teach. Those assignments included: Worship Master Program at Denver Seminary in Feb; Worship Major Program at Christ for the Nations, Dallas TX in Feb and Nov; Men’s Retreat and Sunday Services at 1st Pres, Tampa, FL in May; Mountain Church Worship Retreat at Clydehurst Ranch in Montana in Aug; and Sunday Services at Vintage Church, Harker Heights, TX in Nov.

Ministry in New Hampshire

We continued to cultivate ministry relationships in New Hampshire. In July, Tom and his friends from Shepherds View Band presented Worship Concerts in Sanbornton, Conway, Londonderry, and Moultenboro. We returned in October to lead worship for two weeks of Spiritual Renewal Retreats with Living Waters Ministries in Holderness, and minister at His Mansion Ministries in Hillsborough, NH.

Other Ministry Efforts in 2015

Other awesome ministry endeavors this year included:

·       conducting a Worship Pastor Search for Grace Community Church, Montrose, CO - it was an honor working with Senior Pastor Karl Leuthhauser as God led us to their      new Worship pastor, Eric Durante

·       co-writing “You Make Everything Right” with Jonathan Lewis and Simon Dunn – the song was released in Oct on Christ for the Nation’s newest worship recording

·       leading worship at many other amazing churches

·       consulting and mentoring opportunities with several pastors, worship leaders and worship teams

·       AND the start of Tom’s first book entitled “Encounter Worship”

What’s Coming Up In 2016?

We are taking the first two weekends of the year off for Tom to get back to writing his book – we’re hoping to have it finished in a few months! In late Jan we’ll be bringing a team to Laramie, Wyo, to conduct a Worship Training Weekend at Harvest Church. We’re scheduled the first quarter of the year to lead worship monthly at Resurrection Fellowship and Foundations Church, both in Loveland, CO. This summer we’ll be leading worship for Camp Mountain Glory (Larkspur, CO) family camp in June and teaching atWorship Conferences in July and Aug. In Sept, we may again have the privilege to event manage and lead worship for the regional Foursquare Denomination bi-yearly Pastors Gathering (500+ pastors). In Oct we have plans to again serve Living Waters Ministries retreats, with friends Rich and Linda Case, and Dave Dunkel, in New Hampshire.

Thank you for your prayers as we enter another year of ministry. It’s important to us that we offer our time and gifts according to how God directs. We also invite you to ask the Lord if He would have you partner with us in a financial way – through a one time gift or monthly support. Thanks most of all for the blessing you are to our hearts – your encouragement builds our faith to serve Him all the more!

Grace to you!

Tom and Susanne Ewing

Tom Ewing Ministries, Inc

LIVE Recording Released - Dec 1, 2014

We are excited to announce the release of our new LIVE Worship Recording. It’s now available on our website for sale in both digital download and physical CD formats.

The recording was taken from a night of worship we presented on July 23rd, 2014 at Resurrection Fellowship in Loveland, CO. We had a full house of passionate worshiping friends and an amazing worship team we called the Friends & Family Band!  

The Friends & Family Band included Dave Beegle, playing electric guitar and also functioning as the primary producer for this project. So it's all been on Dave to make this thing awesome and he did a great job! Other highly skilled and anointed friends include: Taylor Mesple' (Keyboards), Matt Henderson (Drums), Shauna Chanda (vocals), Joe Richmond (front of house audio), Jonathan Wood (Keys/Loops), and Jay Stocker (pre/post production keyboard stuff). Other important "friends" were all those who partnered with us as Ministry Partners and/or on our Kickstarter Team!

The Fam portion includes my wife/best friend Susanne (vocals), daughter Morgan Lucas (vocals), daughter in law Debbie (vocals), son Thomas (electric guitar), and son Tucker (bass guitar). Their fingerprints are all over this project. From the planning, to the songwriting, to the performing and ministry this was truly a family and friends effort!

The four months since the LIVE recording have been spent editing, fixing, overdubbing and adding a few extra musical elements. Some of the extra's included super cool parts on "Dance With Me" by Christian Teele (percussion) and Leonard Jones (fiddle). 

And now we are humbled to offer it to you! May God be LIVE and PRESENT in your hearts as you listen and worship with us!

Tom, Susanne with our Family and Friends!

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