New Recording (in progress) Intimate Worship: Tom Ewing w/ Dave Beegle

Dave Beegle and I (Tom) are putting the finishing touches on a simple, intimate worship recording for people to use in their personal devotional time and/or small group worship setting. 

Our approach in producing this project has been to spend time before each recording session in the Word and in prayer for one another, our families, our friends, and those who will hear these songs. Musically we are going super stripped down – just me singing, and both of us on acoustic guitars. The songs we have chosen are a mix of popular worship songs and some of my original songs, including two new ones. Throughout the recording there are some beautiful moments of spontaneous worship and heart felt prayers.

Would you consider joining our team?  We’d be honored and blessed to have you partner with us to do something special. You can do this first of all by praying for us! We really want this recording to be a tool for people to connect with God. 

You can also partner with us through our Kickstarter Campaign where you can get cool gifts and perks that correspond with various levels of support. However, if you want to receive tax credit for your support, and forgo the Kickstarter prizes and perks, you can give a Recording Project Donation on our ministry website.

We are looking to raise $8,500 minimum through our Kickstarter Campaign. This will cover most of our production costs and Kickstarter fees, awards, and postage. Total budget for the entire project is $10,500. Any excess funds will be used towards a video recording of the material from this project. 

We have a few weeks to do something special and significant together. We believe this is going to be a great resource to help people draw close to God and be refreshed in His presence. Let’s do it! Grace to you!

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